The advent of an aging society with a declining birthrate
known as TUNAMI in the world
The fastest possible solution is required.
The challenges of an aging society with a declining birthrate are not only for the elderly, but for all generations.
With limited social and medical resources, we are required to create a society in which people can live a healthy life with active roles in their lifetime.
We need to use our expertise in medical and nursing care and our design skills to understand the issues, observe them, visualize the thoughts, share the issues, solve them, and give shape to them from a place where nothing exists.

Vision 1

Human Centered Design

The center of technology must be human activity.
Technology creates value by transforming the customer experience.
That's why we are committed to Human Centered Design.

Vision 2

Sympathizes and Growing Together

We believe that our business is to create a new world together with our clients.
We will work together to learn from and inspire each other through the sharing of issues in the field,
transcending disciplines and positions, and conduct business while creating value through joint research.

Vision 3

Clarification of business processes based on MT methods

We will work with you to clarify the business process
using the MT method to clarify where we are in the process.



01 Consult your Business

Creating new business services in the medical/healthcare field involves many challenges, including the constraints of medical and nursing care costs and the issues of health care literacy and IT literacy among people. We provide comprehensive support from researching the "marketability," "competition," and "challenges" of the service you are considering to putting together a commercialization plan.


02 Connect with Academic institution and Marketing Research

We support the process of verification and practical application of services in the field, working with academia and accelerators in Japan and overseas, until the development and market formation of services that customers are considering.

DX プロトタイピング開発サービス

03 Prototype development Service

We will provide you with the resources of our offshore development team to help you develop prototypes and products to realize your services.



CEO Yasuko Akutsu

Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Patient Support Department, Chiba University Hospital
President, Japan Research Institute for the Next Generation Advanced Aging Society
As an Aging 2.0 Tokyo chapter ambassador, he has a network of aging accelerators in various countries.

About Us


Company Name MT Health Care Design Research Inc.
Location of Head Office Kashima bldg. 3F 1-17-6 Uchikanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0047 Japan
Contact us TEL: +81-3-5244-5807
Date of Establishment June 30, 2012
Chief Executive Officer Yasuko Akutsu, President
Areas of Operations - Service Design
- Digital Design
- Product Design
- Space Design